Throomers: COVID-19: The Unseen Enemy


Living undercover for years, Jonna Mendez has served tours of duty around the world and became the CIA’s chief of disguise. She’s helped steal a top-secret encryption machine from a Soviet Embassy and helped America win the Cold War. Now, the coronavirus is threatening Americans and everyone worldwide. We’ve asked Mendez for her insights on this unseen enemy.

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SPY Museum Curator’s Corner: Spy Writer Roundtable

What do intelligence professionals do when they stop being intelligence professionals? Some ride off into a well-deserved retirement, sipping fruity drinks while lounging on a tropical beach. Others move into the private sector and help corporate America negotiate the global marketplace.

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SPY Museum Webinar – Spy’s Eye View with Jonna Mendez

Jonna Mendez at The SPY Museum

Who needs a cloak of invisibility when you have a wizard of disguise by your side? When spies need to go undercover, evade enemy surveillance, or slip by without anyone noticing, they depend on the expertise of a Tech Ops officer who specializes in the art of disguise. Join Jonna Mendez former CIA Chief of Disguise, in conversation with the Museum’s educators as she reveals some of her techniques and spine-tingling missions.

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