SPY Museum Curator’s Corner: Spy Writer Roundtable

The SPY Museum Writer Roundtable

Special Webinar Event
Thursday, May 28, 2020 12:00 pm
Tickets: Free! Registration Required [click here to register].

What do intelligence professionals do when they stop being intelligence professionals? Some ride off into a well-deserved retirement, sipping fruity drinks while lounging on a tropical beach. Others move into the private sector and help corporate America negotiate the global marketplace.

A select group take it upon themselves to convey their knowledge and training to the general public, either through movies and television, fiction and nonfiction books, working with certain intelligence-related museums (ahem), or even becoming teachers – training the next generation of America’s spooks.  

Join the International Spy Museum’s Historian and Curator, Vince Houghton, as he brings together a roundtable of some of those in this final group, including former CIA Chief of Disguise, Jonna Mendez, nonfiction author and Spy Museum board member; former CIA intelligence officer Joe Weisberg, author and co-creator of The Americans; and former CIA intelligence officer and FBI special agent Tracy Walder, author and high school educator. The roundtable will discuss their careers in intelligence and how they have tried to pass along what they’ve learned in multiple ways.