tony-mendez-150x150Tony Mendez

Antonio Joseph Mendez is a retired CIA intelligence officer, an author and an artist. He lives with his family and works in his studios and gallery on his forty acre farm in rural Washington County Maryland. He is an award winning painter with an international reputation. His first book, The Master of Disguise; My Secret Life in the CIA, was published by William Morrow in November 1999 on the tenth anniversary of the Wall coming down in Berlin.

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jonna-mendez-150x150Jonna Mendez

Jonna Hiestand Mendez is a retired CIA intelligence officer with over 25 years of service. When she retired in 1993 she had risen to the position of Chief of Disguise at the CIA. Since that time she has continued her career as a photographer, a consultant/lecturer and an author. She lives with her family and works in her photo studio and the family gallery on their forty-acre farm in rural Maryland. She and her husband, also a retired intelligence officer, are authors of “Spy Dust“, a book about their work against the Soviets in Moscow during the last decade of the Cold War.

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